Provide relief and peace of mind to caregivers by empowering friends and family to deliver the right help at the right time.

Meet our team

We are a team of visionaries and problem solvers who have committed our talents to serving the unmet needs of caregivers. We believe that the efforts of caregivers are just as important to recovery as the drugs and procedures the medical system provides, and we are enabling caregivers to get the support they desperately need.

Zach Goldstein

Founder, CEO

Gail Seay

Founder, COO

Seth Whiting

VP of Engineering

Sal Novin

A tribute to a friend indeed

We know first hand what it’s like to care for a friend in need. Our mentor, Sal Novin, was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer that ultimately took his life. He witnessed his brother struggle to keep friends updated and coordinate their offers of help, all while providing care and managing his normal responsibilities. Sal knew there had to be a better way and he devoted himself to finding a solution.

Sal saw the big picture impact that an app like Friends Indeed could have for people in his situation, and his passion for helping others inspired us to bring his vision to life. We have picked up the torch that was lit by Sal and are committed to making Friends Indeed a life changing resource for caregivers around the world.